Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

How can individual psychotherapy help me?
In therapy we will investigate and how your past has influenced your everyday life and interactions. In sessions, we will explore the possibility of looking at things from different angles. The therapy can help you move towards a deeper understanding of who you are. Humour has always helped me, and I find it delightful and helpful in this work.

You don’t need to feel this way.

You cannot rewrite personal history, but therapy can help you live with yours differently. Individual Psychodynamic Psychotherapy helps people understand and resolve their problems by increasing their awareness of their inner world and the influence it has on everyday life. This approach is based on the concept that early experiences are important in shaping the way we manage experience and how we cope in later life.

While we cannot change what has happened to us, we can explore how our responses learned in the past, limit our experience in the present. Psychotherapy can help free us of old patterns and develop new, more flexible responses to contemporary situations.

The great British psychiatrist, D.W. Winnicott, said that two things can go wrong in childhood:
that which shouldn’t happen but does happen, and that which should happen but doesn’t happen. It’s usually attunement that is missing, when two people are sharing an emotional space and fully communicating. The loss of it is hurtful because we need it to become fully ourselves.

During therapy sessions we will talk about you, your situation, issues, experiences and memories, your ability to calm yourself when upset, and your nighttime dreams, which can be a very useful entry to deeper self-knowledge.

Therapy can guide you to identify and change negative behavior patterns that impede personal growth and happiness.